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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

How much does it cost to play?

Registration is as follows and includes a shirt and soccer socks:
4U- $85. Introduction to soccer: age 4 (One day a week. 1/2 practice, 1/2 scrimmage)
6U - $100 (ages 5-6) 2 days/week
8U - $100 (ages 7-8) 2 days/week
11U - $100 (ages 9-11) 2 days/week

Additional siblings receive a $5 discount.

Are there additional fees or fundraisers?

No. There are no other fees. We respect your time and know that every family lives on a budget.  We do not do any additional fundraisers. 

Do you accept donations?
Most certainly. We strive to maintain player registration fees as low as we can while maintaining the quality experience that each player gets. Your generous support will allow us to reach more families and to provide quality equipment for our players.

When does registration start? 
Spring League: Register online Jan 25th-Feb 20th. Registration can be done entirely online from the comfort of your home.  A $15 late fee will be applied beginning Feb. 21st.  Please register early.  Space is limited.  Once teams are full players will be added to the waiting list.  
Fall League: Register online Apr 24- May 31.  A late fee will be applied beginning June 1st.     

What age can play?  
Ages 4-11
Spring Soccer: Enrollments and divisions are based on players age on Apr. 1, 2024
Fall Soccer: Enrollments and divisions are based upon players age on Sept. 1, 2024

What is the refund policy for Lil' Saints Soccer?  
Lil' Saints offers $75 refunds per player for all registrations cancelled by Feb. 20th for the spring league and by June 30th for the fall league.  Full refunds are not offered due to the fact that when a player registers funds are automatically paid out in their behalf that the league cannot get back.  Player cancellations that occur between Feb. 21- Mar. 1st for the spring league and July 1st- July 15th for the fall league will receive a 50% refund.  There are NO refunds given for spring league cancellations that occur after Mar. 1st.  and for fall registrations that occur after July 15th.     

What equipment will my child need?
Each player needs shin guards, their own soccer ball, and a water bottle.  Players age 4-6 need a size 3 soccer ball, and players age 7-11 need a size 4 soccer ball.  Cleats are also highly recommended because the field can be slippery.  Players will receive a team shirt and soccer socks to go over their shin guards.

When does the season start and end?
Spring:  The season will begin mid April 16-18 (after spring break) and run until mid June.
Fall: The season starts the week of August 13th and goes until Mid-October.

What days will games and practices be?
Games and practices are twice a week and will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings pending field availability by the school district.  Occasionally we have to schedule on a Monday when the school district is using the facility on one of our normal nights. We do not play on weekends except for the jamboree on one Saturday per season.    

What is the Showcase Jamboree?
The Showcase Jamboree is our league celebration consisting of a player parade, followed by each team playing 2 games to showcase their skills.  These games are shorter than regular season games.  The Showcase jamboree in the spring will be April 27, 2024 and the jamboree in the fall will be Sept. 14, 2024.  It takes place in the morning/afternoon, so please mark your calendars. 9am-3pm.  This is the only Saturday scheduled each season.  All other games and practices take place during the week.  In the spring our Jamboree kicks off the start of games.  However, in the fall it takes place later in the season to give families one more weekend free in the summer. 

What time will our team play?
Games and practices are scheduled as early as 5:00 pm and usually run for one hour.  Because of the number of teams at one location we schedule games and/or practices on fields, back-to-back.  Please be on time.  When the first game gets started late, then the second game ends up starting late, often causing a problem when the sun starts setting earlier.  The latest an activity will end is 7:30pm.  In the spring, there will be a 15-20 minute transition period between the first and second set of games or practices.  This helps alleviate congestion between groups of players and ease congestion in the parking lot.  Unfortunately in the fall there is not enough daylight, so both rounds are played back to back.  As the season progresses in the fall, games will be over by 7:00 as it starts to get dark even earlier.  

Where do teams play and practice?
All games and practices will be held at Mullenix Ridge Elementary School in Port Orchard.  There is no travel involved in Lil’ Saints Soccer. 

How are the teams created?
Creating teams is an extensive process.  We do our best to create balanced teams based upon a number of factors.  Some of these factors include: Age, gender, friend requests, experience, school, player rating given by parents. etc. It is not an easy process, but we do our best to keep teams as balanced as possible based upon the information received at registration.  Sometimes information given at registration (like player rating given by parents) is not an accurate account of how skilled their child is.  This can lead to some unbalanced teams, but we do our best to keep them balanced based on the information we receive.  If teams have too many player requests and it makes teams uneven based on age, skill, and experience, we will split a team to help keep each team balanced while still allowing players to be with some of their former teammates.  

Do boys and girls play on the same team?
This depends on the division.  4U is COED, the 6U, 8U, and 11U divisions are split into Boys and Girls divisions. 

Can my child request to play on the same team as their friend?
Yes, your child can make a friend request.  We do our very best to place friends in the same division on the same team because we want everyone to have a great time and feel comfortable.  However, friend requests and coach requests cannot be guaranteed as we also work hard to keep teams balanced. Please register early for friend requests and coach requests.   

How are coaches chosen?
Honestly we don’t have to do a lot of choosing since we have so many teams and are often short coaches.  However, we do reserve the right to choose coaches that will be the best fit for the league and that will uphold league rules and standards.  Each season we need over 60 volunteer coaches!  Once all of the coaches are registered, we assess the available coaches and choose who will coach each team.  We look for coaches with positive attitudes that will be good role models for the kids and parents.  Registering to coach does not guarantee a coaching position but shows your intent to coach.  Coaches will be notified via email if they are chosen to coach a team and their child will be placed on their team.  If we are short coaches we contact parents and ask them to consider coaching their child’s team.  Often times this means we have some coaches with more soccer experience than others.  However, we try hard to educate our coaches and provide the needed support through a free coaches clinic and a lot of practice plan resources with fun games and drills that teach basic soccer skills.  Please don’t hesitate to volunteer.  In the past we’ve even had some grandparents coach their grandchildren, neighbors who got involved and coached for Lil’ Saints, and even a few responsible older siblings with soccer experience.  Even if you can’t coach due to your work schedule or other commitments, then please do everything you can to support the coach your child has.  They are parents just like you, not soccer stars from the Seattle Sounders! :)  They are doing their very best to help your child learn soccer and have a fun and positive experience.  We are so grateful to all of our coaches and volunteers who sacrifice their time to influence and bless the lives of our players.    

When should we expect a call from my child's coach with our schedule?
In the spring you should expect to be contacted by your coach by spring break.  In the fall you should expect a call from your coach during the second week of August (Aug 7-12th).  They will let you know what time your first practice is and what field it will be on. Schedules will also be posted online and available to players at least a week before the season starts.  We hope to post the spring schedule the last week of March. 

Why is this league so much cheaper than other local leagues?
Because we are not part of a national or state organization we are able to keep our fees low while still providing a quality soccer experience.  Our league exists solely through the efforts of volunteers and generous donors, and our registration fee goes to cover expenses such as uniforms, insurance, field maintenance, equipment, administrative costs, our website, porta potties, etc.  We constantly strive to maintain fees that are almost HALF the price of other local leagues, making it easier for families to get involved and sign up all of their children.     

Why did the price increase?
Due to the ever increasing cost of uniforms, equipment, insurance, and other added costs we had to raise our fee.  We will always do our best to maintain fees as low as possible. 

Why did I get charged a $3 fee at checkout?
Our website provider got bought out by Sports Connect and the new provider automatically charges a $3 fee for each transaction.  This is not something we can control.  Tip: Register all your children at once rather than individually to avoid paying the transaction fee more than once.  

Why aren't there any referees at the 4U and 6U level?
We have tried referees at this level in the past but we feel strongly that the kids will benefit more by having the coaches on the field to direct and teach as the game is played.  Immediate feedback and instruction will help the players learn the game of soccer better, and by having the coaches ref the game there will be more consistency for the kids. 

Why does 4U only play once a week?
The 4U division is set up as an introduction to soccer.  The teams practice for the first half hour, followed by a scrimmage against another team for the last half hour.  This gives 4 year olds (who often have a very short attention span) a chance to try soccer, without it being overwhelming. 

How do I sign up to be a volunteer coach, assistant coach, referee, field painter, or on the field set-up crew?
If you are interested in coaching and/or volunteering in other aspects, please fill out the volunteer section online when you register your child.  If you have any questions or problems registering, please contact us directly.  We will be happy to add you as a volunteer.  Also, if you know of anyone interested in coaching, please let us know.  Even if they do not have a child in the league they can set up an account on our website and register as a volunteer (a background check will be run).  We have had parents, grandparents, neighbors, and even older siblings (with soccer experience) help coach and referee for Lil’ Saints Soccer.  We are also seeking volunteers to help with field set-up as well.  Thank you for considering volunteering with Lil’ Saints!

I am interested in coaching but I have a schedule conflict.  Can I request a certain time for practices and games?
If you would like to coach but know you have a particular schedule conflict, please email Randi at [email protected] with the information and leave a note in the notes section of the volunteer registration form.  We will do our best to schedule around these conflicts as much as possible.  However, please understand that there are around 52 teams and a limited number of field slots, so not all requests can be met every single time.  Please only include a request if you have a conflict that "majorly" affects your ability to coach at a particular time/day. 

My child has never played soccer before.  Is it okay to sign them up at age ___ or will they be too inexperienced?
Do not hesitate to sign your child up even if they have never played before.  We have players of all skill levels, so they will definitely not be the only one who has never played before.  We are a non-competitive recreational soccer league that is here to teach children how to play soccer and develop a love for the game while also helping them to learn sportsmanship, team work, and skills such as hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  We want everyone to have a great time and make new friends.  Each player, regardless of skill or experience receives equal playing time in our league. 

Why don’t the younger divisions play with goalies?
We do not use goalies in the 4U and 6U divisions to allow more goals to be scored by players.  This makes the game more exciting and fun for younger kids who are still developing their coordination and skill. 

What are small-sided games? 
Lil’ Saints plays small sided-games similar to the recommendations set forth by the US Youth Soccer Association.  This means that we play our games on smaller fields with smaller teams.  This gives players more individual attention from their coach and more touches on the ball during games.  Because there are less people on the field, players are involved in more of the action, helping them to develop better technical skills, and making the game more fun. 

How do I sign-up online?
On our website in the upper right corner there is a register button.  Please click on this button.  From there you will set up an account and then enter your household information.  After entering you family’s household information you will be able to add a player and enter individual player information for each child you are signing up.  You will also be given the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer coach, referee, etc.  After registering each player, you will be able to checkout and pay for all of your children at once. 

When does my child receive their uniform and socks?
Your child will receive their shirt and soccer socks at the first practice.  

Do teams play if it is raining or do games/practices get rained out?  
All teams will play rain or shine.  Soccer is a rain or shine sport.   Please dress appropriately for the weather.  The only time a game or practice will be cancelled is if there is impending or immediate lightning in the area, poor air quality due to forest fires, or other community problems such as a major coronavirus outbreak that forces a cancellation.  Unfortunately we will not be able to make up cancelled games due the the short duration of the season and a lack of field space to squeeze in extra games.  Refunds are not given for cancelled games.  

How many games does each team play? 
Each team will play between 9-10 games per season.  Towards the end of the fall season when it's too dark to play the second hour, all fields will be used for games and a team may only have one game during the week with no scheduled practice. 

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Please contact Randi or Kiersten by email at [email protected].

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